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Eliminate Medical Gas Shutdowns

01 About Smart Tap

Eliminate long, expensive shut downs of gas and vacuum systems.

For hospitals and healthcare facilities , the word “shutdown” is a harbinger of endless planning meetings, scheduled overtime, costly rentals, purging, re-certificaiton and just plain aggravation, not to mention the introduction of another potential risk to patients – all just to tap into and gain access to the existing medical gas piping system.

Enter Smart Tap:

In 1999 SMART Technology, Inc was issued a US patent for developing a method for servicing a live pipeline. Using this process, hospitals now have an alternative to a medical gas system shutdown. An inline shutoff valve or any configuration of piping can be installed in the existing hoping system while the facility’s main medical gas system remains full operations.

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Eliminate Medical Gas Shutdown

02 Usage:

Smart Tap has been used in over 20,000 installations across the United States since 1999

  • Relocation of Bulk Gas Systems
  • Relocation of zone valves
  • Tie-ins of new additions and new buildings
  • Tie-ins of new medical gas risers
  • Capping off medical gas for renovations
  • Additions and deletions within a zone without effecting patients in the adjoining rooms, especially in NICU and ICU locations


03 Video

Smart Tap

A patented product and procedure that controls medical gas from beginning to end, simplifying medical gas work.


Published in Plumbing Engineer Magazine. (PDF)

Smart Tap in depth (PDF)


Shape Memory Alloy

Shape Memory Alloy

No contamination, simplicity, and speed of application of the space age shape memory alloy, Tinel, are the key elements of the procedure. They have the ability to return to a predetermined shape when heated. Tinel is an alloy comprising nickel and titanium from which a sleeve coupling is fabricated. Through an elaborate machining process, a sleeve coupling is made to a diameter that is 3 percent smaller than the outside diameter of the pipe being joined.


05 Clients

06 Comparisons

Cost Centers for Medical Gas Shutdowns WITHOUT SMART TAP WITH SMART TAP

Planning Shutdown

Time, management spends on coordination and scheduling


Respiratory Staff

Depends on area of SHUTDOWN


Nursing Staff

Depends on area of SHUTDOWN


Maintenance Staff

Extra staff to monitor shut down areas, and closed


Contractor costs

Contractor Cost depends on size of shutdown. Usually
4 to 6 people

2 to 3 people


The entire area that was shutdown, which may include
entire hospital

Just within the area of piping where the SMART Tap
Procedure was performed

Outside Company or hospital supplied back up high
pressure cylinders and rental of regulators, hoses, carts, stands,
and demurrage on cylinders

As High as $100 per room

Included in cost. Only low pressure backup with safeties
installed or hospital main medical gas system used. Calculated for
demand usage.

Liability of removing patients from wall outlets and
connecting them to cylinders

Insurance Policy Deductible


Liability of high pressure cylinder regulator failing
and destroying gas piping and patients connected to them

Insurance Policy Deductible


Disruption of normal work routine at hospital

Worry about running out of back up gas, nursing and
respiratory departments are not doing their normal patient care duties


Missed Opportunities

During shutdown of an area, the area is not available
for patients or procedures


07 NFPA Standards

The following are excerpts from NFPA 99. These standards where put in NFPA 99 to ensure healthcare facilities about the safety and efficacy of the Smart Tap Procedure.  Memory Metal Fittings.  Memory metal fittings having a temperature rating not less than 538°C (1000°F) and a pressure rating not less than 2070 kPa (300 psi) shall be permitted to be used to join copper or stainless steel tube.  Memory metal fittings shall be installed by qualified technicians in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  Breaching or Penetrating Medical Gas Piping.  Positive pressure patient medical gas piping and medical support gas piping shall not be breached or penetrated by any means or process that will result in residual copper particles or other debris remaining in the piping or affect the oxygen-clean interior of the piping.  The breaching or penetrating process shall ensure that any debris created by the process remains contained within the work area.
This was put in NFPA 99 to protect our process

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